We pride ourselves as a Safe, Professional Fleet

King is dedicated to the importance of Safety issues and encourages communication between employees and management to keep this area strong. The well being of staff is an important issue to ensure quality performance.

By assigning drivers to specific tractors they are able to treat them as their home away from home. Regular satellite and telephone contact is kept with Maintenance, as well as Dispatch to ensure Vehicles are maintained to reduce on road downtime.

Our customer relationships are strong and we have an excellent on time record.

Drivers are trained and refresher courses given regularly in many areas; including:

Transportation of Dangerous Goods
First Aid
Customer Relations
Accident Protocol
Weight and Dimensions
Federal Hours of Service Regulations
Air Brake Adjustment

The above are monitored; as new regulations come into effect and drivers kept up to date.

We have a close relationship with our Insurance provider, enabling us to prepare and provide preventative maintenance literature based on areas; not only regulatory but on lifestyle well being.

We are striving to make the Transportation Industry a Safe One.


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